This page is where you submit characters to be put up for adoption on the Adoption Page. Any character from any Clan could be submitted. Before you add a character, please use a Heading to enter the Clan. To submit a character, please use template: {{Char Adopt}} and enter your information.


Example ClanEdit

Rusty brown she-cat with green eyes.

Your character will soon be added to the Adoption Page by an admin or the Founder.

Submit a CharacterEdit



Desc.: A lovely tortoiseshell cat with a light green eye and a light amber eye, broad shoulders and frosty white paws and tail tip, black ears with light orange on her forhead creating a pattern on her face.

Rank: Medicine cat

Accepted Ripple of MoonClan☽ 20:49, May 31, 2015 (UTC)

Desc. : Featherpaw A light gray she-cat with dark gray stripes and white paws and white muzzle with ice blue eyes.

Rank: Apprentice


Submitting Firestripe's siblings because they really need active roleplayers, note that by this time they should be warriors.

Cat: Rabbitkit

Desc: N/A

Rank: Warrior

Cat: Grasskit

Desc: N/A

Rank: Warrior

Cat: Rubykit

Desc: N/A

Rank: Warrior

Cat: Winterkit

Desc: N/A

Rank: Warrior


ShadowClan Edit

Cat: Rowanflame

Desc: muscular light brown tabby tom with pure white paws and chest. He has rather a bushy tail that has darker brown on that side and lighter brown on the other side, dark blue eyes and darker brown stripes on his body and little golden tufts on his ears, muzzle and paws.

Rank: Warrior

Approved, I'll add him on Ripple of MoonClan☽ 19:49, July 4, 2015 (UTC)

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