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So this was a 48 hour M.A.P (Multi Animator Project). Meaning once it was uploaded/open everyone had just 48 hours to animate their part(s). A couple people had some minor deadline timing issues (myself included haha) but for the most part everyone kept on time and NO ONE dropped out of the MAP. Which baffles me still and I feel so proud of everyone and this project even more because of that.

This M.A.P is meant to look like an old children's storybook and be all about the comparison between Firestar and Tigerstar throughout the first series. And how even though Firestar wasn't born into the clans, he became a better warrior than Tigerstar ever was. (Probably should have mentioned that vision in the original video lmao sorry). This was also a scripted MAP with a colour scheme and character designs to follow and here's a link to the original script and parts, ect if you are interested:

THANK YOU EVERYONE YOU ALL WORKED SO DAMN HARD ON YOUR PARTS AND I KEPT GETTING DISTRACTED WATCHING THEM WHILE I WAS ANIMATING THE INTRO. You're all so talented I'm so happy you all wanted to join the MAP ;w; Seriously, thank you for making this happen. And also thank you to the people who came to the livestreams and hung out for hours. Now I should stop typing because I always type too much in these things heheh~



Intro: Whiskermoon 1. st★rapture 2. 5up3r n0va 3. ScourgeRussia 4. Selket 5. Chiibe 6. Kalinel 7. Night Sheep 8. meow286 9. kay2036 10. Chiibe 11. Lotus The Tiger 12. Nifty-Senpai 13. Shilly 14. Finchwing 15. SpottedFire25 16. MacaroniOnly Art 17. StarryWishy 18. watersee kitty 19. jadewolf11lol 20-22. RyeTaran 23. Billybo baqqins 24. ThatScruffyDuckling 25-27. Maple Spyder 28-30. Obnoxious Giraffe  31. equinox-jls 32-33. k aiju 34. Flowing Waves 35. Colacatinthehat 36. Shalvark K. 37. Glitch Sixxle 38. SpottedFire25 39. DoctorTrash 40. moewth 41. Simply Misty 42. Practical Polarbear 43. Lukey Charms 44. Steamy Cafe 45. illbringyoudown 46. whitepup 47. KinzelRox 48. Mintleafs 49. Mimaiii 50. Hyper58 51. ketzel99

Thumbnail art by RyeTaran Tumblr post: (and special thanks to Forsaken Spirits FS for texture help bless) ____

- Song: “Meet me in the Woods” - Lord Huron - Stories and characters created by Erin Hunter _____

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