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Cat's Name: Examplepaw
Description: Example desc
Rank: Example
Roleplayer: User
Cat's Name: Examplepaw
Description: Dark grey furred she-cat with tinted black areas and light green eyes.
Rank: Kit
Roleplayer: Ripple

Accepted! Flamestar22 21:55, May 19, 2015 (UTC)

Cat's Name: Examplepaw
Description: A small Snowshoe she-kit with scratchy little claws, grayish white fur and a furry tail.
Rank: Kit
Roleplayer: AngelOfTheSkies

Accepted! Blood doesn't always have to mean death 14:08, June 21, 2015 (UTC)

Cat's Name: Examplepaw
Description: Short furred, black tom with amber eyes.
Rank: Apprentice
Roleplayer: HeroicLightLion

Note: Shadepaw was originally in MarshClan.

Accepted! Blood doesn't always have to mean death 01:09, June 24, 2015 (UTC)

Cat's Name: Examplepaw
Description: Orange tabby male tom with a white tip, and a white belly. Has a pink nose and has green eyes.
Rank: Medicine Cat apprentice
Roleplayer: A10

Cat's Name: Examplepaw
Description: Rosepaw, calico molly
Rank: Medicine Cat Apprentice
Roleplayer: Mink
Cat's Name:Pinekit
Description: Light grey she-cat with black underbelly, white tipped tail and dark green eyes that resemble a pine tree.
Rank: Kit
Roleplayer: Sonorous

LeafClan is being removed, so I doubt any applications will be accepted. ~Aquila

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