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Old: WindClan
Current: StarClan
Current Rank: Warrior
Last Rank: Apprentice
Mother: Ivystep
Father(s): Talonpelt
Siblings: Dovefeather, Ripplefrost
Mate(s): None
Kits: None
Mentor(s): None
Apprentice(s): None
Age: 36 Moons
Status (Living/Dead): Dead

Mudspots is a small pale brown tabby she-cat with brown streaks and a white underbelly. She has misty green olive eyes. Her siblings are Dovefeather and Ripplefrost. Mudspots's mother is Ivystep, and her father Talonpelt. She died during a badger attack, and was never seen again.


Mudspots was born to Ivystep and Talonpelt. She was raised along her littermates, Dovekit and Ripplekit. She was born in WindClan, but during the harsh season of Leafbare, she was separated with her littermates. WindClan faded away, and her siblings joined different Clans.


Mudspots is a nice, quiet, compassionate she-cat that will always cheer anyone up during cold times. Yet, when it comes to battle, Mudspots fights with the heart of a true warrior.


  • Ripplefrost: Mudspots only knew him for a little while, then was separated from him. He was a nice and playful brother to her.
  • Dovefeather: Mudspots loved her sister as much as she did her brother, but was shortly separated from her.


  • She used to be in the now faded Clan, WindClan.
  • Mudspots died during a large badger attack that affected all the Clans.



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