NightClan Territory

A camp nestled inside the largest cave in a series of caves. A river passes through each cave leaving small pools for each cat to bathe, relax, and hunt; the sounds of the river echoes throughout the cave soothing the nerves of even the most stressed feline. The most outstanding feature of the main cave would be the naturally made skyline, the sun's rays, and the moon's light can light up the whole cave on a clear day. Everyone's dens can be found in the main cave, as well as the Nightrock which also makes up part of the leader's den. The lesser caves can be considered a "hunting ground" for smaller creatures like mice, rats, and lizards, however near by there's a two-leg sanctuary, a park, every cat knows to be vigilant when wanting to venture forth. A forest can be found on the far end of the camp, which is a gateway to the two-leg civilization, a frightful scent can be detected inside these woods. The NightClan territory borders ShadowClan's territory.

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