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Cat's Name: Examplepaw
Description: Example desc
Rank: Example
Roleplayer: User

Cat's Name: Examplepaw
Description: Wolfpaw: A long furred, well groomed, striking, handsome grey pelted tom, who is small and lean and has two brilliant, clear, cold bright yellow eyes. Darkpaw: A massive, well muscled pure black tom with a cold, brilliant, clear, judging amber left eye and a warm, distinctive, clear, friendly blue right eye.
Rank: Wolfpaw: Apprentice. Darkpaw: Apprentice.
Roleplayer: HeroicLightLion
Cat's Name: Examplepaw
Description: Mosspaw: White she-cat with with sapphire blue eyes
Rank: Apprentice
Roleplayer: User

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