A sharp, piercing screech shook the boulders near the hedge. A russet-red and black tom dashed out, trailing small specks of dust and rushed paw prints on the rocky platform.

Another screech echoed from the nursery, Russetclaw paced back and fourth, worry creased his muzzle, he gazed frantically at Hawkflight, "How is Ivynose? The kits?" Heaving, he meowed between breathes, "Are they healthy?" 

Hawkflight nodded, she looked a bit uncertain and some-what scared, "You can go in," Hawkflight hesitantly parted two ramble bushes, leading into the Nursery. 

Russetclaw saw Ivynose sleeping, her body was fever hot and she squirmed. Russetclaw's eyes darted towards three bundles of fur tucked tightly around Ivynose's belly. He curled up into the nest and murmured, "Please StarClan, do not take them away from me." Too weak and blinded to do anything, Russetclaw drowned himself into a deep sleep. 

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