ShadowClan symbol
Location: Northeast of the Grove
Climate: Cold, snowy
Predators: Badgers, foxes
Other Threats: Invading Loner
Leadership Information
Founder: Knightstar
Current Leader: Mothstar
Previous Leader: Dapplestar
Deputy: Darkshine
Clan Information
Members: 20+
Deaths: Unknown

Are the rumors true? That the winds that blow with every snow storm make the hearts of these cats cold as their home? You can bet it, but we are the proudest Clan of all. We might have had bad leaders, not guiding us the right path, but who are we to question our leader? To not follow the Warrior Code? We take things seriously. We have the fiercest skill in stalking and fighting and that's only the beginning of our training. Most feared, guess you have us to worry about, because we won't be accepting you easily. Our first warriors were those who were most willing to take action to answer a complaint, to stand by the proof of claws and teeth rather than silly words that make a speech. Prove your loyalty to us before even joining such a Clan like ours. We are not soft to other Clans, we remain soft inside our borders. This is ShadowClan!

If you would like to join ShadowClan, please go to ShadowClan joining page.

Important Pages
Roleplay Page | Rules |  Joining Page


  • None


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Medicine Cat:

  •  'None

Medicine Cat Apprentice:

  • None


  • None


  • None

Queens - (she-cats that are expecting or nursing kits) 

  • None

Kits - (6 moons or younger)          

  • None

Elders (warriors and queens now retired)

  • None
We please ask that no warrior, apprentice, kit, elder, rogue, loner, deceased cat make any changes to this.

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