Old: None
Current: RiverClan
Current Rank: Medicine Cat
Last Rank: Medicine Cat Apprentice
Mother: Unknown
Father(s): Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Mate(s): None
Kits: None
Mentor(s): Unknown
Apprentice(s): Unknown
Age: 32 Moons
Status (Living/Dead): Living

Silentsong is a beautiful white she-cat with light green eyes, silky fur with soft grey specks and stripes. She is currently a Medicine Cat of RiverClan.



Silentsong is a small she-cat, her paws being delicate and soft. From many moons of sorting herbs, her pelt often carries a heavy scent of herb. She has short white silky fur that is often soft to the touch, grey speckles dotting the flanks and shoulders of her pelt. A grey stripe runs down her tail to her neck. Her eyes are a dull shade of light green, and she has a bright, pink nose.


When Silentsong was first introduced into the Clan, she was very quiet and often shy. As her moons passed, she grew more comfortable around her Clanmates.

She is very caring and often anxious. She likes to engage in things peacefully, avoiding any skirmish or arguement as possible. Silentsong obeys her leader and entrusts herself in StarClan, which she looks up to in times of need. 

Silentsong has a wide knowledge of herbs and medicine, and often wanders into the forest and admires the beauty of it.


Although she is not much of an athletic cat, Silentsong is very talented in herbs. She often brews together poultices that she made up herself, which of course are very affective. Her hunting skills are pretty decent, similar to those of an apprentice's. Silentsong often rips up pieces of moss and sows them together by hooking the roots and strands.



Born into RiverClan, her family is unknown. She was mentored by an unknown cat, rumor having it that she was one of the first Medicine Cats of RiverClan while Whitestar was still leader.


Silentsong is first seen attending to the wounds of Otterstar, Ripplefrost, Dawntail, and Firestripe when they return from a battle with the beavers that were clodding the river. Crabclaw was killed during the incident. 

Later she sees Duskshadow and is intimidated by him when he introduces Gingerkit into the Medicine Den, claiming that she is having strange dreams and visions. Gingerkit shows an ability to distinguish herbs, making Silentsong approve of her choice as having her an apprentice.




  • Duskshadow - Silentsong sees the warrior as loyal and caring, always admiring his potiental and contribtions to RiverClan. Even so developing a crush on him.
  • Gingerkit - Silentsong had always felt that the she-cat was suited to be a Medicine Cat, and she admires her very well.

Quotes (optional)Edit

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Triva (optional)Edit

  • She is interested in Gingerkit becoming her apprentice.
  • Silentsong secretly is in love with Duskshadow, but tries to hide it.


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