StarClan, the place where cats rest forever and ever in peace. But that's not completely true. StarClan cats are the ones in charge of creating omens and prophecies. They enter dreams of cats, young and old, to guide them. Though they are completely rare to spot or speak to, they are mostly forgotten. If the story of the cat isn't spoken so often, they fade away until nothing of them is left. Only a StarClan cat might be able to find them in the ranks of those lost memories. They also look very different from a normal cat. Only the main color of their pelt shines brightest, as well as their eyes, but they are transparent creatures. They watch us above in Silverpelt and keep us safe.

Star clanh
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  • Snowfur — Beautiful, long haired pure white she-cat, with golden-yellow eyes, ripped ear and fur matted with several scars from her death. Grouchy she-cat. Murdered by an unknown wild dog.. Roleplayed By: Dapple
  • Tidestar — Lean, silvery tom, eith piercing emerald eyes, a white tail tip, and stained black legs. Cause of death: Unknown.. Roleplayed By: None
  • Rainfall — Small, sleek silver tabby she cat with icey blue eyes and one white paw. Died of old age and sickness.. Roleplayed By: None
  • Shadowfrost — A muscular dark grey tabby with darker black stripes on his body and legs, He has Light green fern eyes and sleek frosty white paws and chest, powerful hindlegs and a short scar on his chest. He has a long white tipped tail and a blackish mask that covers his face with a splotch of white on his muzzle.Death caused by attacking dog.. Roleplayed By: None
  • Bloomleaf — Small ruddy ticked she-cat with green eyes. She's the mother of Honeypetal, dying with her mate due to illness.. Roleplayed By: None
  • Ravenheart — Jet black she-cat with amber eyes and a white tail; white socks and white ears along with a scar across the back of her neck. She's the daughter of Dapplestar, drowning in the frozen lakes. Roleplayed By: None


  • None


  • Rivertail — A pretty gray she-cat with light tabby markings, amber eyes, and a nasty scar over face and chest. Murdered by unknown.. Roleplayed By: Unknown
  • Echofall — A beautiful tortishell she-cat with bright blue eyes,bushy tail and fluffy paws. Assinated by Tigerblood. . Roleplayed By: Unknown
  • Amberheart — Brown she-cat with soft amber eyes and creamy paws, along with curly, silk fur. Killed by Rogue.. Roleplayed By: Unknown


  • Mallowfoot — A tan-pelted tom with light reddish-ginger limbs and green eyes. Died due to wounds during a battle with the Loners & Rogues.. Roleplayed By: Ripple

Lost and Forgotten ClansEdit

  • Flamestar — A dark ginger she-cat with bicolor eyes, one green and one blue. Her muzzle fur is torn, and a "Z" shaped scar is on her right cheek. Murdered by Whitestar.. Roleplayed By: Unknown
  • Echostar — A white she-cat with black tiger-like markings and green eyes. Former leader of the abandoned MoonClan. Murdered by Darkness.. Roleplayed By: Unknown
  • Redclaw — Ginger she-cat with white paws, chest and tail tip with lime green eyes. Former warrior/queen of MoonClan. Murdered by a rogue named Darkness.. Roleplayed By: Flame
  • Opalheart — A dark gray she-cat with rusty red and light gray patches. Her face is split between these two colors. Half being red and half being gray. Has one yellow eye, and one gray, dead-looking eye. She has small, yellow-ginger speckles all over her pelt. Deputy of MoonClan. Murdered by Darkness.. Roleplayed By: None
  • Shimmerstar — Silver tabby she-cat with black stripes and paws and a black muzzle. Died of drowning.. Roleplayed By: None
  • Talonpelt — Brown rusty tom with amber eyes.. Roleplayed By: None
  • Ivystep — Grey tabby she-cat with dark grey stripes, white underbelly and tail tip. Green, gentle eyes. Killed by weakness. Formerly WindClan.. Roleplayed By: None
  • Mudspots — Light brown she-cat with darker tabby streaks and flecks, white underbelly and olive green eyes. Slaughtered by a badger. Formerly WindClan.. Roleplayed By: None
  • Raindance — A dark grey-blue,  tom, with brown eyes, black chest, ear-tips, and paws, and whiteish-silver stripes. Died of old age.. Roleplayed By: None
  • Rainpaw — Was a medicine cat apprentice of SolarClan, before her mentor, out of suspicion or madness, choked her with a stone and threw her in a river.  Was dragged to death.. Roleplayed By: None