This page is for Character art blanks, you have the permission to use them on this wiki only.  Chararts have to be approved by Charart Specialists. Request to become a Specialist is on the talk page only. Approval for blanks is on the approval page.

Project Charart

Status: Active

Goal: Creating blanks for all ranks!

Helpful Tips When Using Blanks:

Be sure the color the charart fully and draw over all white spots/features.

  • Shade the cat in different hues to improve 3D focus and detail.

  • Add fur and pelt texture to make your cat as realistic as possible!

  • Be sure to apply the same markings/features/pelt as the cat you are creating the charart for.


Longhair/Shorthair queen, longhair/shorthair kit -  Ripple

Longhair/Shorthair leader, Longhair/Shorthair apprentice - ​Aquila

Charart Specialists:Edit

Reserved Blanks:Edit

Elder Blank - Flame

Blanks: Edit

Positions Open: Edit

  • Leader
  • Deputy
  • Medicine Cat
  • Warrior (currently being fixed)
  • Apprentice
  • Queen
  • Kit
  • Loner
  • Rogue
  • StarClan
  • Dark Forest