Old: None
Current: ShadowClan
Current Rank: Kit
Last Rank: Unknown
Mother: Eagledawn
Father(s): Rowanflame
Siblings: Graykit, Sunkit, Breezekit
Mate(s): None
Kits: None
Mentor(s): Unknown
Apprentice(s): None
Age: 1 Moon
Status (Living/Dead): Living
Wrenkit is a short-haired half-black, half-cream she-cat.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Wrenkit is a small, shorthaired she-cat with a black and cream pelt split perfectly down the middle. One eye is a dull amber colour, while the other is bright silver-grey. Wrenkit has white markings on her cream side, and her chest is mottled with both black and white. On the left side, the tip of her tail is white ringed with black.

Character Edit

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Skills Edit

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Life Edit

History Edit

Wrenkit, Graykit, Sunkit and Breezekit are born to Eagledawn shortly before the mother dies from the experience. Breezekit, being a stillborn, does not survive.

Roleplay Edit

Having no parents to look after them, the decision is made to have the three be looked after by Dapplestream.

Pedigree Edit


Eagledawn (deceased, StarClan resident)


Rowanflame (status unknown)


Graykit (living)

Sunkit (living)


Breezekit (deceased, StarClan member)

Relationships Edit

Coming Soon

Trivia Edit

  • Wrenkit is a chimera, hence her strange appearance. The 'sister' in her body, Blackkit, may occasionally take over in Wrenkit's place.
  • Wrenkit's grey eye is significantly brighter than her amber eye, giving off a slight glow effect. This makes her very conspicuous in the dark where the effect is most visible.
  • Wrenkit is one of many characters originating from 'In the Lost Soul' that has both a normal design and a realistic design; the normal design depicts Wrenkit as she is usually seen, while her 'realistic' design shows her as a solid cream with low-grade 40% white spotting, with the break between pelt colours only leading down to her chest. The rest of her body is patched with cream and black, with each colour being dominant over the other on their respective sides.
  • Wrenkit is an American Shorthair.

Images Edit

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